Giorgio Casu

A born native of Sardinia, Italy, Giorgio Casu (or Jorghe, as he signs his work), is a contemporary artist based in New York City. Giorgio has traveled to all the corners of the world, drawing inspiration from all the places that he visits. 

Giorgio’s acrylic paintings, for which he is best known, have been shown in major event and galleries around the world, including the White House, Art Basel, and the MoMa to name a few.

You can also find his colorful art at a much larger scale exhibited as murals on beautiful buildings from Italy to New York to Tulum.

More recently, Giorgio has decided to exhibit his designs on other, rarer formats. First on his elegant ceramic Elephant Eggs, presented at the centenary of the prestigious Poltrona Frau, and now on the luxurious round towels featuring the inspiring Tree of Life motif.

It is exciting to see what lays ahead for 2017 and beyond.